If you have recently bagged yourself a fine buck and you need it mounted then I offer a great taxidermy service for people in Geelong and Melbourne.
Taxidermy Supplies

The need for taxidermy supplies is growing rapidly alongside the need for more people to preserve animals they love. They come in handy when any part, especially the mound gets damaged or does not acquire the desired natural shape of the animal. Some of these supplies come in the form of tools and gadgets to assist the taxidermist achieve a perfect sculpture. 

Types of taxidermy supplies are:

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Manikin supplies

Any artist knows the need to have a perfectly made masterpiece to present to an audience. Any faults are unforgivable especially when dealing with something cherished by your client. Manikin supplies are made to strict precision from the angle of the legs, for full manikins to the angle of the head for head only manikins like the deer. 

These manikin supplies are made in different sizes and are molded from real animals therefore you can never go wrong with them. They are made to fit any kind of animal, from birds to fish and even big game like deer’s and waterbucks.

Eye supplies

The area around the eye is one of the hardest to maneuver around and getting the right kind of pebble or piece to put in as an eye is also hard to do. Many companies are coming up with new eye sets to help you get the best look on your animal. They look very real and some of the latest include 3d eyes for animals with bubbly kind of eyes like the frog and fish. The most common eye supplies are made from glass and retain their natural look perfectly.

Skinning gear

This is an important part of taxidermy and needs speed and precise action to get the best out of the animal with no damage. Skinning prize animals is no simple task and cannot be done with just any kind of sharp object. Skinning has changed over the years with new gadgets like the air skinner that passes air though the lower skin separating the membrane even in tight spots like the ears and the hind legs. The rest of the skinning process takes less than 15 minutes even for an adult buck.

Habitat base 

These supplies are generally used to accessorize the area around the preserved animal. They create an authentic kind of picture and make the animal look eve more real. Such supplies come are mainly used around dry land animals like bears, deer, water bucks and lion. They also look perfect when made as a wall hanging for game trophies. These wall mountings include bark holes for preserved raccoons and squirrels, and pieces of tree and bushes for antelopes and the like. 

The art of preserving animals, birds and fish is becoming easier to learn and perfect now that the taxidermy supplies are evolving into one step machines that need little expertise to maneuver.

Price List
  • Red deer & sambar deer $800
  • Fallow deer chetail deer $700
  • Russa deer $750
  • Hog deer $650
  • Fox $700 full body mount
  • $400 for a shoulder mount
  • Pig open mouth $650
  • Pig closed mouth $600
  • 50 dollars per alteration to a form

Pet Taxidermy

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