If you have recently bagged yourself a fine buck and you need it mounted then I offer a great taxidermy service for people in Geelong and Melbourne.
Fish Taxidermy Geelong

Fishermen are one of the primary customers of taxidermists. Many of them are eager to get a trophy for their kills and display the fruits of their labor in their private homes. For them, a fish replica is more than just a preserved animal - it is a reminder of the excitement they felt when they caught the fish of their dreams. This is just one of the many explanations why many anglers are always ready to spend money freely on fish taxidermy.

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Fish taxidermy is the art of preserving and reconstructing a dead fish for display. Anglers make up the majority of taxidermy enthusiasts and professionals. This is hardly a big surprise, though, because as previously stated, taxidermists are amongst the avid clients of taxidermists.

Fish mounting can be expensive

Fish mounts can be very costly. As a matter of fact, fish replicas are typically the highest priced amongst taxidermy mounts. Nonetheless, anglers do not bother paying a lot on a fish mount that can truly make their day.

Differnt Types of Mounts.

Fish taxidermy mounts come in two different designs - full replica (also known as full fish mount), and half replica (also referred to as half fish mount). The full fish taxidermy replica, where both sides of the fish are shown, is the more common type. The less pricey type, alternatively, is the half replica, wherein only one side of the fish is exhibited. Full fish mounts are crafted to be displayed on flat surfaces, whereas half fish mounts are designed to be hung on walls.

These days, many fish taxidermy mounts are built with fiberglass so that the "real" caught fish need not be killed. The fish can be released back into the water so it will not affect the reproduction process. However, some anglers still prefer the traditional "stuffed fish" mounts because they want to have the real fish mounted for display in their home collection.

Price List
  • Red deer & sambar deer $800
  • Fallow deer chetail deer $700
  • Russa deer $750
  • Hog deer $650
  • Fox $700 full body mount
  • $400 for a shoulder mount
  • Pig open mouth $650
  • Pig closed mouth $600
  • 50 dollars per alteration to a form

Pet Taxidermy

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The eyes of the taxidermy are made from glass while wax or clay is used to come up with the lips and the muzzles. Taxidermists are today called upon to preserve hunting games as trophies, while others do it for educational or historical purposes especially in the case of endangered species or for animals that are naturally unique from their species. Some of these animals are distinct and the closest and only resemblances that may exist are the taxidermies. It is popular now and these animals are available in numerous museums the world over. Call Us : 0425847530