If you have recently bagged yourself a fine buck and you need it mounted then I offer a great taxidermy service for people in Geelong and Melbourne.
Pet Taxidermy Geelong

Taxidermy, which comes from the Greek words "taxis" (meaning "movement" and "derma" (meaning "skin"), is the science and art of preserving and replicating dead animals for museum or private display. The process involves removing the animal's skin, preserving it, and mounting it onto a sculptured replica.

Hunters are among the most avid supporters of taxidermy. Along with deer, antelopes,Bird Taxidermy coyotes, elk, and mountain goats, bears are one of the most sought-after mammals in the planet. Most hunters are eager to try their hands at hunting these elusive, sharp, and ferocious creatures because a bear taxidermy mount is every hunter’s dream. Slaying one of Mother Nature’s most beastly creatures, indeed, is not just any other accomplishment, it is great triumph.

All types Of Animals including bears

Many hunters think of bear hunting as a tough job; but for many taxidermists, bear mounting is a lot tougher. A fairly large number of taxidermists do not wish for a bear because peeling them off and transforming them into an open-mouthed trophy is a rather painful job. The main issue with bears is that they are really difficult to move because of their weight and size. Moreover, the skin of bears typically gets smaller when not stretched appropriately. And if the tanning procedure is done improperly, a large bear skin can turn into a small fur the size that of a deer. Add to that the fact that they easily slide around in their skin when being worked on. 

These and much more are what explains why a lot of taxidermists, even licensed ones, frequently view bear taxidermy as a cumbersome vexation. The cost of bear taxidermy mount varies depending on the weight and size of the animal. But generally speaking, full body mounts are usually priced at $1,150 to $1,550, while half-body mounts are priced at $850 to $1,250. Shoulder mounts, on the other hand, are typically priced at $475 to $550.

Now we do pets

Now that the taxidermy marked has matured we now also look after peoples pets which we can give a life like look.

Price List
  • Red deer & sambar deer $800
  • Fallow deer chetail deer $700
  • Russa deer $750
  • Hog deer $650
  • Fox $700 full body mount
  • $400 for a shoulder mount
  • Pig open mouth $650
  • Pig closed mouth $600
  • 50 dollars per alteration to a form

Pet Taxidermy

looking to remember your pet let me do it for you .

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