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Mammals are the easiest subjects to learn when it comes to the art of taxidermy. If you're a novice taxidermist, choosing what kind of mammal to mount can be quite difficult because these milk-producing vertebrates have approximately 5,600 known species all over the world. But deer have always been one of the more popular choices of professionals and amateurs alike because they are relatively easy to work on.

Taxidermy, meaning "arrangement of skin" in Greek, is a technique of preserving and creating replicas of deceased animals for museum or private display. The purpose of taxidermy is to bring an animal back to life through art. Learning taxidermy is not at all Deer Taxidermy difficult if you just have the right tools needed to create a mount.

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Deer's Good for beginners

If you would like to become adept at deer taxidermy, a deer mounting kit can truly help you become one. Deer mounting kits enable you to learn within the atmosphere of your own home. Whether it’s a life-size mount, head mount, or European mount that you aim to design, it’s important to select a kit that matches your goal. One does not necessarily have to spare no expense just to attend a taxidermy school because these kits are typically available in very comprehensible book and video forms – very apt for beginners.

Get Your kill to a chiller fast.

If you're a deer hunter who is not interested in do-it-yourself taxidermy, you might as well contact an expert taxidermist. Remember, however, that many animals, including deer, will spoil quickly after being shot. Soon after a deer is killed, organisms called "satotrophs" start to decompose the dead animal’s body. Warm, humid weather promotes bacterial growth. So before you go hunting, be sure that you have a chiller with you. Put the deceased deer inside the chest before giving it to your chosen taxidermist. Like any art form, deer taxidermy takes time and effort to master. 

Price List
  • Red deer & sambar deer $800
  • Fallow deer chetail deer $700
  • Russa deer $750
  • Hog deer $650
  • Fox $700 full body mount
  • $400 for a shoulder mount
  • Pig open mouth $650
  • Pig closed mouth $600
  • 50 dollars per alteration to a form

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Thus, if you have all the proper tools and patience to build a deer mount, creating a masterpiece is not far from being feasible. This article was written by The deer taxidermist Geelong contact details below... Call Us : 0425847530