If you have recently bagged yourself a fine buck and you need it mounted then I offer a great taxidermy service for people in Geelong and Melbourne.
All about The Taxidermist

Taxidermy is a word that was derived from the Greek’s derma which means the external layer of skin. Simply put, it is the extraction of an animal’s skin and implanting it to a well designed replica of the animal’s physical appearance. The task can be viewed as gruesome and some people dislike it but the truth I, taxidermy demands that one understands a lot about animals and calls for proper utilization of talent, skill and proficiency.

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The practice holds its roots in England when there was a very high demand of leather, and tanning, the process of converting an animal’s skin into usable leather, was becoming common. Early naturalists used to preserve new species of birds, mammals and fish for future studies. One of the proponents of taxidermy was James Cook; he used to preserve new animals he encountered in his travels. The infamous Charles Darwin also used to preserve his discoveries at Galapagos Island.

The Majority did not like it

This practice was not received well by the majority of people previously as it was considered barbaric and wayward. Animals were literary killed and their hides tanned and filled with stiff like cotton and later closed up. This mode of preservation was poor as other delicate parts of an animal’s body like the eyes, ears; nose among other would eventually rot and somehow, fall off, disfiguring the taxidermy. However, the discovery of preservative components of arsenic helped solve this problem.

Renewed Interest In taxidermy

The practice gained a whole new meaning in the 20th Century as taxidermy became more respected. The practice was immensely utilized by rich men then to decorate their homes with a variety of mounted animals from all over the world. The popularity of big game hunting equally boosted the popularity of taxidermy. From 1970s, taxidermists gradually began adopting the now modern practice of stretching the animal’s skin over sculptured mannequins that were made from polyurethane. 

Price List
  • Red deer & sambar deer $800
  • Fallow deer chetail deer $700
  • Russa deer $750
  • Hog deer $650
  • Fox $700 full body mount
  • $400 for a shoulder mount
  • Pig open mouth $650
  • Pig closed mouth $600
  • 50 dollars per alteration to a form

Pet Taxidermy

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Deer Taxidermy

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Fox Taxidermy

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The eyes of the taxidermy are made from glass while wax or clay is used to come up with the lips and the muzzles. Taxidermists are today called upon to preserve hunting games as trophies, while others do it for educational or historical purposes especially in the case of endangered species or for animals that are naturally unique from their species. Some of these animals are distinct and the closest and only resemblances that may exist are the taxidermies. It is popular now and these animals are available in numerous museums the world over. Call Us : 0425847530